Car Rental in Nepal

Nepal is a country with one of the worst public transportation in the world. Taxi within a city doesn’t have any regulation. You always have to bargain with a taxi driver. There is no fix fare rule or meter system neither there are any taxi company where you can complain about your trip. Renting a car and traveling across the city is the perfect solution in Nepal for travelers.  You can rent a car in two different way. Disposal basis or fixed trip basis.

Disposal basis refers to renting on hourly basis. This is most suitable for conference or family meeting. If your waiting time in total exceeds driving time then you can easily rent a car on disposal basis. Fixed trip basis refers to tours within selected places. It can be either termed as full day sightseeing or half day sightseeing. Similarly drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot via Bhaktapur can be referred as fixed trip basis. We Himalayas Car Rental (P) Ltd. are capable of offering an excellent car rental deals within Nepal. We are based on Kathmandu Thamel with small branch office in Pokhara. Our branch office in Pokhara mainly manage local rental in Pokhara. Also it aids on nearby border pickups (Rhaksol and Shunauli). We will beat any price either online or offline with dedicated service and professional touch. Our online travel advisers are able to offer you tailor made tour itinerary. We own couple of sedan cars and SUVs along with one mini coaster. We don’t deal with big bus.

How Car Rental in Nepal is different than other countries

Unlike other countries system of hiring a car or jeep is slightly different in Nepal. In contrast to India we don’t have kilometer basis. Similarly in contrast to Europe we don’t have per day basis. For instant, check the price of Renault car in Nepal.  There are many terms and cost factors associated on rental deals. Normally car, jeep and coaster are available on rent. If you need vehicles within Kathmandu there will be multiple options. You can either hire on disposal basis or fixed trip basis. Fixed trip basis is the only options left if you need to drive out of Kathmandu.


Green color number plate signifies vehicles as tourist purpose vehicle. It doesn’t make difference for using private number plate for drop and pick up to any place within Nepal. But private vehicle from one city can’t make local sightseeing in another city. For that you can either use green number plate tourist purpose vehicle or use local private vehicles. We Himalayan Car Rental are proud to let you that all vehicles own by us does belong to green number plate, i.e. Specific Tourist Purpose Vehicles. However when our vehicles are on duty during high season time we might use private number plate for local sightseeing in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. Similarly if you just like to hire for drop or pickup from next city then we might use private number plate. Do not worried about conditions of our vehicles. They are all well maintained. They belong to most used categories vehicles whether car or SUV or mini coaster.

Our drivers are professionals and working with us since long time. Most of them can speak Hindi (Indian Language). In other word they are simply fluent in Hindi. We can’t assure about fluent English. But they can understand you and can talk in a broken English.

If you want to have a vehicles for a mustag or a trip to Upper Mustang, we have offroad vehicles as well.


Safety is always our prime concern. Our staffs are all well insured and so are our vehicles. Leave all responsibility with us and enjoy at your best. There will be such an environment that you can totally relied on our service. Trustworthy drivers are major assets of Himalayas Car Rental (P) Ltd. Rental wheels are more safe, reliable and punctual. So are we J


Before finalizing the deals we always make sure that there won’t be any hidden cost. Use of air condition is always optional.

Car: 25 % of total cost

SUV: 15 % of total cost

Mini Coaster: 10 % of total cost

For reservation of car there are two options. Either you have to send us details of arrival and hotel reservation vouchers or send advance prior to your arrival. If you like to choose option one of sending details then please fill up the form.

Submit Your Details

While if you are comfortable for sending us an advance amount then we always ask for Nepali Rs. 2000 as an advance. It is more or less equals to USD 20. For advance we accept PayPal for secure online payments. You have to bear the online transaction charge. It will be USD 1.18 or equivalent. Remaining due can be settled either via card or cash.

Send An Advance via PayPal

We accept all major credit cash. Make sure 5 % of total cost will be extra if you like to pay via card. Make sure your card is oversea activated and belongs to major network. Major card networks refer to VISA, Master, Maestro and SCT.