Car Rental for mountain flight in Nepal

Are you going for a mountain flight while traveling in Nepal??

If yes then rent a car with us for mountain flight, as we are offering early morning car rental for mountain flight deal. If you don’t have an idea about mountain flight then built some idea about mountain flight (Details on next paragraph) as well as make concept of car rental for mountain flight.

Every day in various schedules starting from 6:00 o’clock in the morning couples of flight depart from domestic terminal. Exactly after one hour of time gap those aircraft will land on domestic terminal again. Question might arise where did those aircraft and passenger goes, did they land somewhere else or not and what did they see? This is what we called mountain flight, don’t get confused those aircraft flew from Kathmandu and follow ridges of snowy mountain on northern border starting from Langtang Range ending on Everest Range. They don’t land somewhere else just retrace back and land in Kathmandu domestic terminal. The main aim of Mountain Flight is to see Mount Everest, i.e. highest point of earth at 8848 m elevation from sea level. In on sentence Mountain Flight can be described as an hour flight from Kathmandu to Kathmandu that offer view of Mount Everest along with other series of mountain starting from Langtang Range all the way through Gaurishankar Range on Eastern Nepal.

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Distance from Thamel to Airport is around 6 kilometers, which one needs to traverse to attend early morning mountain flight. Not only that if you are going for sightseeing or some other places like Pokhara or Chitwan or Bhaktapur, Nagarkot directly after mountain flight then your luggage might be a burden for you. Meantime it might be quite painful to bargain with local cab early morning and manage your luggage as well. What we do is arrange a car and driver who will come to pick you up in Thamel early morning and takes you to domestic terminal. Car will be standby on parking even after one-hour time from where you can explore your next destination.

As we are stockiest agent for domestic airlines we are able to offer some discount depending on several factors. Without any doubt we will offer you an unbeatable service for car rental as well as we will do our best for Mountain Flight Deal.

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