We can offer cheap car rental deal in Nepal, however we can’t go as low as car rental deals in India or China. The main reason why we can’t offer such remarkable deal is price of vehicles in Nepal. For more details see our section of Luxury Car Rental in Nepal. Most of the peoples seem to search about cheap car rental in Nepal, economic car rental in Nepal, cheapest car rental service in Nepal etc. but our suggestion is instead search reliable agency in Nepal or trustworthy car rental agencies in Nepal. We are using some old model car for cheap car rental in Nepal. Trend now to compete on economic rental is slightly different, as agencies offer a price in beginning excluding tax, service charge, driver allowance, overnight stay charge and other heading. Later at the time of payment they surcharge those cost heading resulting on hike of price.

However even while offering cheapest car rental service we will still offer professional services and our offered price in always inclusive of all possible costing details. So once you fix the deal with us it will be a final deal price with Himalayas Car Rental (P) Ltd. Book with confident and enjoy your trip in Nepal at your best. For making a query either fill up contact us form on sidebar or simply browse our contact us page.