Hotel Booking with car rental in Nepal

Although hotel booking is easier in compare to activities related to car rental in Nepal, we think we can help a lot to book a hotel or at least help to choose some best hotels in town under your budgets. Here is small tips while booking a hotel go through trip adviser and see some review instead of booking through or agoda.

Best things to book a hotel with us as per our recommendation will result on flexibility for payments as if you choose hotel under our recommendation then you can pay as per arrival and rate with be similar to online hotel booking sites. If you are booking a car rental in Nepal with us then ask us for hotel too even though you can book it on your own if it is comfortable with you at least take a suggestion with us as sometime hotels in Thamel don’t have suitable parking to hold vehicle on waiting when you leave the hotel as vehicles used to arrive five to ten minutes before preferred time in such case it will be fruitful and easy for driver too.

Please select yes or no while making a contact form under tab “Do you need assistance for hotel or not” so that it will be easy for us to manage things over here.

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